Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! Outside of the U. Product prices and availability subject to change without notice. Site by One Dog Media. Availability: In Stock. Log In for Wishlist. Barrel is in the white and requires polishing and bluing or browning. Brass buttplate, patchbox, and triggerguard. Color cased hardening, engraved lock, double set triggers. This gun is. I shoot my first deer with a 54 caliber Hawken in or about One shot was all I needed.

This is a great rifle for most big game hunting. I know the current trend is on in-line type black powder rifles with scopes but anyone that has hunted with the old percussion style must know the thrill of hunting like your great grand fathers. The only down side was the cleaning and it was not too difficult a 5gal bucket of hot soapy water stick the breech end in the water and use your cleaning patch as a pump to draw water into the barrel with the upward stroke then push the water out on the donward stroke.

I hunted with this gun for many years and loved it. This is the same kit that Cabela's offers only DGW is less. I bought two from Cabela's years ago because I enjoy putting kit's together. Last year a friend told me about DGW. I have since ordered two of the same kits from DGW. The wood grain was so nice that after I sanded it I did not do any staining of the stock before putting the final finish on. I also ordered a set of scope mounts that DGW offered for this gun.

They are magnetic mounts that require no drilling. I did not believe the claims from the mount manufacturer at first but I can now attest to the fact that they work as claimed. I don't remember the brand name but they were only scope mount's DGW offered for this kind of gun.

Good gun at a good price. If you would like any other details on the kit I would be happy to help you. You can e-mail me at unkajudge juno. I can not beleive that it has been almost 2 years since my reveiw. New e-mail is unclejudge netzero. And by the way for all of you hunters out there I was always told that with a muzzler loader you MUST unload every day when done hunting then clean the rifle and reload the next day.

After wasting too much powder round balls and conical's I decided to not unload every day.

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I can tell you this with all honesty last late deer season here in pennsylvannia the 2 weeks after Christmas myself and me friend loaded once on day one.

Too bad we never got a shot at a deer. But the last day after having the powder and conical in the barrel for 2 weeks when we unloaded our flintlock's they BOTH went off without a hitch. I just recently finished building this kit.


It took right at 40 hours but there were some parts I really took my time on It could be done in much less. The stock was pretty well shaped and the inletting only needed minor fitting.Rifle No.

The other rifles are originals. He apparently opened The Hawken Shop sometime around as a typical muzzleloader shop. It was a while before he started offering an authentic Hawken rifle.

investarm hawken

The first mention I could find in the black powder magazines of his Hawken parts was in the July issue of The Buckskin Report. That issue had an article about contemporary St. Louis gunsmiths that were building custom Hawken rifles and listed Art Ressel as the best known of the group. This product report on his Hawken parts followed that article.

Also, shown in this picture is a comparison of the new cast part and the corresponding part from an original Hawken rifle from which it was cast. This was the first effort to make direct castings from original Hawken rifles that could be used to build a coherent replica of an actual Hawken rifle.

By the end ofhe was advertising that The Hawken Shop offered a complete parts set for a S. Hawken rifle. I only found one more ad in the Jan-Feb issue of Muzzleloader magazine post That is the last reference I could find on The Hawken Shop as a going concern. He often had several of these finished rifles available in the Shop for sale, and also to show customers what could be made from his parts.

Byhe apparently quit offering finished rifles. Considering that the finished rifles were truly custom guns and sold for twice the amount that a GRRW half stock Hawken sold for, I doubt that Ressel had that many built.

The period that he sold finished rifles appears to have been less than five years, late to sometime before Assuming a generous number, on the order of 20 to 25 custom rifles built per year, it would total less than finished rifles sold. This photograph shows some of the reproduction Hawken rifles that were on display in the shop in In personal communications with Joe Corley, he identified the third rifle down as one he had built.

The bottom rifle in the picture above was purchased by the gentleman in the picture below in Large barrel. The stock is plain hard maple, stained dark, and finished with a varnish like finish. In the pictures below, the triggers are unset. Notice how closely the back of the trigger bow fits around the rear trigger.Remember Me? Results 1 to 11 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Hawken I was wondering if the cabelas 50 cal made in Italy percussion rifles were any good? I have a chance to trade for one that is unfired. Any input would be appreciated. Yes they are. I believe those are the same folks that makes the barrels for the Lyman Great Plains Rifle.

I have one in. Yes, Investarms makes guns for Lyman and Cabela's. You can usually get an Investarms branded gun for less money that a Lyman branded gun. I bought 2 Investarms Hawken rifles back in or One for myself and one for my dad. I still have mine. I also have an Investarms Kentucky rifle as well as 2 Investarms gallyon shotguns and they are all well made firearms.

Thanks for the input I think I will get it. About all I shoot is roundballs. I started deer hunting with one of those Investarms in.

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The only thing I did to mine was have some XS Ghost ring sights installed. Good rifle, and was my primary deer hunting rifle for quite a few years. Snatch that thing up. It's a great price. Got one as a. Lots of fun putting it together and it shoots well with a. I don't hunt with it, just punch holes in paper but it's accurate enough to take a deer out past 50 yds.

The only government I trust is the. I bought the cabelas hawken 50 by investarms and finally took it to the range yesterday. It done what you all said it would. I loaded 60 grains of goex 2f and a. The rifle shot great, I shot a nice 3 shot cloverleaf and a fourth shot about a inch away at 25 yards. I am really tickled with the way it shoots. Thanks for all the input. I appreciate it Curdog Oh and I didn't have to adjust the sights.

I bought an Investarms Hawken a number of years ago used. Beautiful walnut stock!!!Crummey PA Type. Uberti Walker Revolver. Connecticut Valley Frontier. View Category. Trades Accepted: Traditional good walnut good plastic bad Read More. Don't let your buddies use your account. Registered user must be the buyer, with his or her own money.

investarm hawken

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Verified Seller. View Sellers Items. Description: Back in the s and s, we sold or so Investarm Hawken Rifles and Carbines every year for several years. This lot consists of sets of 3 new but old stock white steel extra nipples to fit Investarms and other similarly threaded, 6 x 1mm thread size to fit 11 Percussion Caps. Even though these are new, they are about 20 years old and some have some light rust residue on them.

They also fit the Lyman Hawkens and Plains Rifles.

Hawken Rifle Kit - Final Assembly - Hillbilly Projects

This is a common nipple size for many Spanish- and Italian-made percussion rifles. Please have shipment made to an address where a responsible adult is present. Business addresses are usually preferable. No sales tax for deliveries taken outside Tennessee. No sales tax on shipments to addresses outside Tennessee.

Read More. Condition: Used, As New. Location: TN. Qty: 4 Available.Order by:. Available to:. But you need to afford the freight charge! Please pay within maximum 3 days! Or your idem will go back to action!

investarm hawken

Please examine the photos closely and Email any questions or concerns before Bidding! Thank you! By bidding on our auctions. You are agreeing to our terms and policies that are clearly stated below. Please read all of our policies before placing a bid on our auction or making an offer on one of our store items.

Your bid or offer is a binding contract. We offer a three day unconditional. Examination period for all goods sold. If you wish to invoke your guarantee. Please call or email within 7days of receiving your order. No exceptions made. Thank you for looking. Please check some of our other auctions for additional quality items! Shipping is not refundable.

We ship Mon. We ship within 48 hours of funds clearing. No Exceptions Made! See other items. Double set trigger assembly from Hawken style Blackpowder muzzle loading rifle. Looks to be in good condition and working. This may have come from and Investarms rifle.

Sold by Cabelas. Will fit several different rifles of that style. Thompson Center?? Buy it now! This is a parts. For parts only auction. Barrel for a.

This barrel has a High dollar stainless lined bore. Will fit a Thompson Center if you widen the grove under the nipple minor alteration Ebay notes. E-bay will not allow you to list a complete gun even if you split it into separate listings. Therefore I purposely don't have the stock for this gun listed at this time.

If I have it.Shooting Supplies. Gun Care. Personal Gear. Places To Go. Camp Gear. Traditions Loading-Shoting-Cleaning Manual. Traditions Warranty. Hawken Parts Manual.

Shooting A Hawken.

Investarms Hawken

The Hawken rifle is generally shorter and of a larger caliber than earlier Kentucky Rifles. It was popular in the mid-nineteenth century. The term "Hawken rifle" technically referred to rifles made by Jacob and Samuel Hawken of St Louis, Missouri but was often used generically to refer to a variety of " Plains Rifles or Mountain Rifles " of the period.

Ashley, Ashley did several large scale fur trapping expeditions in the mountain west.

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The Hawkens did not mass-produce their rifles, they were hand made one at a time. This rifle is an excellent addition to any collection. These guns were the trusted companions of fur traders as they hunted for pelts. The double set trigger, custom silver inlays, and finishes add to the beauty of this side lock rifle.

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This serious hunting rifle, has the classic styling and handling of the time-honored Hawken while offering great performance and affordability. Both the percussion and flint models boast a hooked breech for easy barrel removal, click adjustable rear hunting sight, double set triggers in an oversized glove-fitting trigger guard with finger rest and an inletted solid brass patch box. The Woodsman has the classic styling and handling of the time-honored Hawken while offering great performance and affordability.

Both the percussion and flint models boast a hooked breech for easy barrel removal, click-adjustable rear hunting sight, double-set triggers in an oversized glove-fitting trigger guard with finger rest and an inletted solid brass patch box. This model is. It is Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! Outside of the U. Product prices and availability subject to change without notice. Site by One Dog Media. Availability: In Stock.

Log In for Wishlist. Description Reviews Named for the Hawken brothers of St.

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Louis, Missouri, who furnished guns to the fur trade and made this style rifle famous. Dixie's Hawken is an excellent reproduction of those plains type rifles and a perfect choice for the hunter. Now available in.

This rifle is my first flint-lock. I was impressed with the overall quality of the rifle.

investarm hawken

Much easier to clean and maintain than my kentucky cap-lock. Shoots very well. Very reilable ignition. Definately a must-have for any blackpowder enthusiast. I have used this gun for many years and I highly recommend it for hunting.

Do not use round ball by itself due to the rifling. For those who don't know rifling will make a round ball go in any unknown direction after leaving the barrel. You have to use sabots. I know you see in old movies where the guy grabs a round lead ball and packs the gun without it being a sabot these are considered smooth bores that have NO rifling.

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